LinPro 2.7.5 - Program for static and dynamic analysis of plane frames

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Some freely available programs for structural analysis and design:

Linpro source code

Linpro is rewritten into java, using Eclipse IDE.

Browse the source code in the repository:

Get source code

Get source code following these steps:

Install Eclipse

Get copy of source code

Get source code from following these steps:

On the Eclipse main menu click on Window Show View Other
Select CVS CVS Repositories and click OK

In the Eclipse main window new view is opened.
Click with right mouse click on empty space in CVS Repositories area and click on New Repository Location

In window Add a New CVS Repository type:
Repository path: /cvsroot/jlinpro
User: anonymous
and click finish.

New repository is added.
Expand main repository tree, and expand tree HEAD.
Click with right mouse button on jlinpro. Click on Check Out

After download of source files, open view Package Explorer . You should have your own working copy of project jlinpro

Compile and run application

In Package Explorer view (be careful: NOT in CVS Repositories) expand main project tree, expand src tree, expand package main
Click with right mouse click on file and click on Run As Java Application

If everything worked well, you should see main application window.

Open file mydata/dyn_example1.lscr by selecting it in combobox with list of files and click on button Run Dynamic

If you get response time history diagram calculation is successful.

If you are new with Eclipse

  • Use F3 to jump to variable or function declaration,
  • Make sure that Java perspective is switched on and that Package Explorer is opened.

Command glossary

Get jlinpro command glossary here:
 PDF  jlinpro-command-glossary-ver04.pdf

Browse source code

Browse the source code in the repository:

Features to be implemented

  • Plotting mode shapes is not implemented yet. (modal analysis results are printed on system output),
  • Until now I have implemented only concentrated force, uniform load, general lateral load on beam and temperature load...
  • Plotting response time history diagram for beams is not implemented,
  • User interface is too simplistic for now. Data are read from text file (see directory mydata for examples). I am going to implement more user friendly user interface.

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